We value our patients’ experience at LL Chiropractic & Acupuncture. If you are currently a chiropractic patient, please feel free to complete the following Client Experience Questionnaire. The Questionnaire is in Adobe Acrobat format, and requires the free Acrobat Reader to view.

Dr. Rebecca L., DC FASA
Your Olathe Chiropractor


” I am a brain cancer survivor with weakness and spasticity on my left side due to the removal of my tumor nine years ago. After years of overuse and overcompensation by my right side, I had developed problems there, too.

Dr. Rebecca has resolved the tightness in the right side of my back and helped me avoid more physical therapy for my right wrist and arm. I have seen glimpses of improved function on my left side.

I believe seeing Dr. Rebecca on a regular basis will help to maintain the right side of my body and provide the optimum opportunity for my left side to improve.”


“As a Smoker for over 26 years, I thought there was no way I was ever going to be able to quit. I had tried the pills, the patch, the gum, even hypnosis. Nothing worked until a friend referred me to Dr Rebecca.

I have been involved in the beer / restaurant industry my entire adult life. From bartending to driving a beer truck to now managing a large group of “beer people”. We smoke. We all smoke a lot.

It’s the nature of the beast. The best excuse anyone ever has to smoke is “too much stress” or “alcohol makes me want to smoke”. My lifestyle and job are the entire embodiment of those two statements.

I was a bit skeptical of acupuncture going in. Sounds a little too new age for a beer guy. I was wrong. After only 2 weeks of therapy I had almost no desire to smoke. After 4 weeks I never even thought about smoking. I feel fantastic!

Dr Rebecca is energetic, positive and extremely supportive. Her attitude is infectious and makes you want to succeed.”


“I was referred to Dr Rebecca from a friend who was being treated for her back pain. I recently had some discomfort in my shoulder that was not going away and it was beginning to interfere with my daily activities. It was with some resistance that I finally made an appointment to see Dr Rebecca; but I am very glad that I did!

The reason for the resistance was that I had never been to the chiropractor before and honestly the thought of seeing one scared me. I did not like to have my back cracked and I hated the sound of being cracked. Furthermore, my back didn’t hurt; my shoulder did. Could a chiropractor even help me? Well, it takes time for people’s opinions to change. And people’s opinions are generally influenced by what they see and hear from other people as well as their own experiences. My referring friend said that she had felt better than she had in years after treatments and seemed overall “happier” with life. Currently, I wasn’t happy with my discomfort so I made the appointment with hopes that I could start feeling normal again.

I walked into the office and was greeted by a cheerful woman, Dr Rebecca. I was immediately impressed with how friendly and personable she was; quite different than other physicians I had experienced. She began the new patient exam and listened to how I was feeling. She asked me a lot of questions and was extremely thorough in explaining what she thought may be causing my pain and the benefits/risks involved with treating it.

I was nervous during the first adjustment because I thought it was going to hurt. Dr Rebecca noticed this and talked me through every move she made. The adjustment was very gentle compared to what I had envisioned in my head. It didn’t hurt! It actually felt good!

Dr Rebecca told me how many treatments she believed were needed to relieve my discomfort completely and I decided to give therapy a try. I am happy to share that today I am pain free and in addition to treating my pain, Dr Rebecca has also improved my overall health by discussing nutrition and healthy habits to incorporate into my busy life.

I can say that my opinion of chiropractors has 100% changed since meeting and being treated by Dr Rebecca. I would recommend Dr Rebecca to my friends, family and anyone who has discomfort and who perhaps is scared to see a chiropractor like I was. Dr Rebecca is extremely attentive, professional, gentle, caring and most of all talented at her skill. Make an appointment, she will make you feel better!”


“My 13 month old daughter is a patient of Dr. Rebecca. After 6 ear infections in 5 months we were referred by a friend who also takes her kids here. Dr. Rebecca is so gentle with our baby & great at explaining her treatment plan to me. After 2 visits with her we have already started to see improvements. We look forward to our daughter growing up under Dr. Rebecca’s wonderful care!”


“Dr. Rebecca, I just want to thank you for changing my life! Seriously, I feel fabulous and this process has really changed my perspective on how long I can eat primarily veggies and improve my inner strength and will power. Not to mention the January yuckies I usually feel because I would have already tossed any resolutions I had made into the toilet. I feel strong and frisky and sure of myself. This is a great emotional/mental and physical exercise. Thank you for helping me through this purification program with your chiropractic care, acupuncture and nutritional counseling. You’re the best!”

~Kim (regarding the 21 day purification cleanse and care given through LL Chiropractic & Acupuncture)

“After five years of continuous chiropractic care with little long term success with multiple chiropractors I decided I needed to try something different. I came to Dr. L’s practice for the added benefit of acupuncture therapy. I could immediately tell that Dr. L wanted to find the cause of my pain instead of just treating it. Through her chiropractic care, acupuncture, and her strong suggestion of yoga I am now experiencing more pain free days in a row than I have in the last 5 years. I would recommend Dr. L’s practice to anyone who is serious about putting the effort forward to receive long term results.”


“Where do I begin? I went to Dr. Rebecca for weight loss after my first treatment hunger pains and cravings were gone. I have lost 25 pounds and feel better than I have in years. Of course besides treatment I exercise and maintain a healthy diet. I look forward to my visits at LL Chiropractic & Acupuncture.”


“My daughter has battled with muscle problems since she was born, she is now 5 yrs old, and we have seen many different doctors including, orthopedic surgeons, pediatricians, occupational therapists and many other specialists over the course of four years but nobody has been able to help. Then I met Dr. Rebecca we spoke about Cooper several times before I brought her in but since I did the transformation has been incredible. She no longer falls (she sometimes fell 50+ times/day) and she is finally potty trained. As her mother, I was unable to rub her back before and now I can rub her back without her pulling away in pain. Thank you Dr. Rebecca for making my daughters’ quality of life so much better!”

~Dani, Mother of Cooper

“After 16 years of smoking and countless failed attempts to quit I was almost certain I would be a lifelong smoker. On a whim I decided to try acupuncture and made an appointment with Dr. Rebecca. To my complete shock, after only one week of sessions I stopped smoking! Though on going treatments and support from Dr. Rebecca I have been smoke free for the longest time since I was a teenager! I’m so thankful for the treatment I have received and the way I feel each day as a non-smoker. At two months out I have had zero desire to smoke. I’m able to be around smokers with no desire. I never thought this would be possible! Thank you, Dr. Rebecca!”